Friday, September 9, 2011

Conversation In The Car

Today we were in the car doing some errands. I love times like these. Crusing around jamming to tunes, singing at the top of our lungs sometimes with different accents! So much fun!

As I was in pure form (singing at the top of my lungs) I notice Rooster was looking at me, I looked back and contact was made. She nervously smiled and said "Remember how you taught me that if I have something to say that is not nice, I should keep it in my mind?" I assured her that I remembered that lesson. "Well, I'm doing that to you now." "Oh, you are?" Honestly I was a bit surprised. I mean HELLO? Have you met me?? I'm like one of the coolest people I know!

She continued with "your singing is not that good today, and I think I am a little bit better singer than you are Mommy." All I could say was "oh, well considering I have had a cough and been sick for 4 weeks, I thought I sounded pretty darn good." "Mommy?" She said then paused. "Yeees," I said back. I'm doing it again.


Anonymous said...

I just viewed your header and I wanted to follow your blog immediately! Your kids are so cute :)

Great stories, btw.

SaysMindy said...

Lol. That's adorably insulting. Teaching brutal honesty young :)

zazu and mufassa said...

Haha! Love this :)