Monday, November 28, 2011

Been So Long

So, I was looking at my blog today and noticed it has been over two months since I posted!!
A lot has happened. Let me mention a few things. Curly started school and is signing like a champ! Rooster has the best handwriting for a six year old I have ever seen! LB started a new pre-school, and he can read!! I am working less and being home more, which I love!!

My hunk is working two weeks on and one week off, we miss him! Umm, my monkies are as crazy as ever and continue to wear each others clothes!! ha ha

Curly is almost completely potty trained!! Ahhhaaaaa ( those are angels singing) He has been in pull-ups for a long time, and one day he decided he was a big boy. I tried to give him a pull up and he said "NO, I not a baby ana mowa!" He took off running into his bedroom and came out with only underwear. He has been wearing them ever since. Not without accident, but still.