Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holy Crap!!

How's that for a title eh?

I can not believe I haven't been on here talking about my wonderful children! Or better yet myself! So many things have happened that it's just impossible to try to catch up on things!

Rooster just turned six yesterday, and is starting FIRST GRADE in less than a week! She is growing up so fast I can't believe it! She is an old soul, very wise for her age. She was telling me about something about me she wishes was different. It broke my heart, mainly because I too wish it was different. I promised her that I would try my best to change that one thing, that I would do anything for her and her brothers. She looks at me with the most loving eyes and says, "Mommy, you just have to trust in yourself! I know you can do it Mommy! You can do anything, and if you don't believe in you, believe in me cause I always trust in you! Umm, yeah I cried! How did I get so lucky? I have amazing children!

LB is going to his third year of pre-school, this year we are calling it the "Little-big-school." He is tired of going to "baby school" so to get him to cooperate with going we changed the name. Everytime he is naughty he tells me "Don't worry Mommy, I'm only going to be this way until I am five!" Come on October!!

Curly, is quite the little man. Trying to talk up a storm. Refusing to sign! Getting ready to start JMS (school for the deaf) pre-school! Boy, was that a fight!! The Granite School District did not want to qualify him for "special -ed" because he is "too-smart!" They told me to just put him in a "hearing" class room and once he falls behind they will test him again!! I was PISSED!!

I couldn't believe they would even suggest that! To make a loooooong story short after two weeks and a FOUR HOUR IEP meeting I got what I wanted!!


Amber said...

Aren't kids GREAT at keeping us 'real'?? Keeping us humble?? :) I wish my kids had a deadline for their bad behavior! You are lucky!!! And congrats on fighting for your kids and doing what you think is best for them! That takes real courage! They are lucky to have you!!!!

Nurse Kathy said...

Well I for one am thrilled that you got what Curly needs. He is a delight.
Kathy Nurse

The Stark Bunch said...

Just stopping by to say hi... you really do have the best kids!