Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Three Favorite People

Curly, he is three years old this year. I love his spunky personality! He is LOVING his new school, and signing like a champ!! I have to almost bribe him to sign to me, he tells me "your ewas awnt brote". I think it's amazing he gets that at his young age. His ability to adapt to his environment is impressive! I have loved watching his world come alive through sign. I'm so grateful! I don't understand the parents of deaf kids that chose NOT to sign with their kids. I mean, wow! It must be so sad.

Then there's my little man LB. He is five this year. They grow up too fast! He is in a new preschool this year too, he is reading!! I can not believe how intelligent this kid is, I'm serious!! He amazes me with things he knows. He is like a sponge, when it comes to learning. He loves watching Animal Planet, and knows things about animals I didn't know even exsited!

Then there is my angel tom-boy Rooster. She is now six, and making a lot of changes. She is loving school, and learning so much. I've never met a kid that loves school as much as she does, which is awesome considering she has a lot of challenges at her school. She loves homework so much she does it in the car on the way home! She is becoming a little lady, even though she still loves wearing boy clothes.....She is totally in love with Justin Beiber and writes about it in her little journal. She is quite an artist too, I love my children so much! I don't know what I would do without them! The older they get the busier I get, which is the reason for the long period of time between posts! I will try to do better as this is a family history of sorts.....but reality is, my next post will be June!! hahaha

Monday, November 28, 2011

Been So Long

So, I was looking at my blog today and noticed it has been over two months since I posted!!
A lot has happened. Let me mention a few things. Curly started school and is signing like a champ! Rooster has the best handwriting for a six year old I have ever seen! LB started a new pre-school, and he can read!! I am working less and being home more, which I love!!

My hunk is working two weeks on and one week off, we miss him! Umm, my monkies are as crazy as ever and continue to wear each others clothes!! ha ha

Curly is almost completely potty trained!! Ahhhaaaaa ( those are angels singing) He has been in pull-ups for a long time, and one day he decided he was a big boy. I tried to give him a pull up and he said "NO, I not a baby ana mowa!" He took off running into his bedroom and came out with only underwear. He has been wearing them ever since. Not without accident, but still.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Conversation In The Car

Today we were in the car doing some errands. I love times like these. Crusing around jamming to tunes, singing at the top of our lungs sometimes with different accents! So much fun!

As I was in pure form (singing at the top of my lungs) I notice Rooster was looking at me, I looked back and contact was made. She nervously smiled and said "Remember how you taught me that if I have something to say that is not nice, I should keep it in my mind?" I assured her that I remembered that lesson. "Well, I'm doing that to you now." "Oh, you are?" Honestly I was a bit surprised. I mean HELLO? Have you met me?? I'm like one of the coolest people I know!

She continued with "your singing is not that good today, and I think I am a little bit better singer than you are Mommy." All I could say was "oh, well considering I have had a cough and been sick for 4 weeks, I thought I sounded pretty darn good." "Mommy?" She said then paused. "Yeees," I said back. I'm doing it again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holy Crap!!

How's that for a title eh?

I can not believe I haven't been on here talking about my wonderful children! Or better yet myself! So many things have happened that it's just impossible to try to catch up on things!

Rooster just turned six yesterday, and is starting FIRST GRADE in less than a week! She is growing up so fast I can't believe it! She is an old soul, very wise for her age. She was telling me about something about me she wishes was different. It broke my heart, mainly because I too wish it was different. I promised her that I would try my best to change that one thing, that I would do anything for her and her brothers. She looks at me with the most loving eyes and says, "Mommy, you just have to trust in yourself! I know you can do it Mommy! You can do anything, and if you don't believe in you, believe in me cause I always trust in you! Umm, yeah I cried! How did I get so lucky? I have amazing children!

LB is going to his third year of pre-school, this year we are calling it the "Little-big-school." He is tired of going to "baby school" so to get him to cooperate with going we changed the name. Everytime he is naughty he tells me "Don't worry Mommy, I'm only going to be this way until I am five!" Come on October!!

Curly, is quite the little man. Trying to talk up a storm. Refusing to sign! Getting ready to start JMS (school for the deaf) pre-school! Boy, was that a fight!! The Granite School District did not want to qualify him for "special -ed" because he is "too-smart!" They told me to just put him in a "hearing" class room and once he falls behind they will test him again!! I was PISSED!!

I couldn't believe they would even suggest that! To make a loooooong story short after two weeks and a FOUR HOUR IEP meeting I got what I wanted!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dentist these days are SO cool!! I mean really! Toy rooms in the lobby, video games, TV's on the ceilings playing your favorite movie, and my favorite of all medicine to calm the kids!

I feel so ripped off! I never had any of those things when I was young, I think maybe once I got to wear some head phones from a Sony walk-man! My monkeys love the dentist!! My hell, I would too!!

They all went in for check ups, and Rooster had a lot of cavities. She had to get two silver caps, and like three fillings. Not all in one visit, thank goodness! On her last visit she seemed a little more high than normal. I asked her how she was feeling and she said "I'm fragile today Mommy." Then she fell asleep. Oh and the boys had none!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Facebook Has Taken Over

Seriously, the last time I blogged was too long ago! Facebook as taken over my computer time! Looking for old friends, deleting rude friends, posting status updates, reading updates, watching video links, and so on and so on!

I can't believe I haven't made time for my dear friend blog! Too many things have happened to try to mention here know this....Life is complicated and hard, but we're surviving! That's what we do!

Keep on keeping on, and hope to blog more soon!

Friday, March 18, 2011


I know it's been awhile since I've posted. Trust me it's not due to lack of exciting, funny note-worthy things happening. It's all the OTHER stuff going on that keeps me from posting! Life is crazy, as I'm sure it is for most of you. Unfortunately, the Super in my Mom hasn't come in yet! Are you thinking....yeah, my life is crazy too and I still have time to make multiple posts? GOOD for you, over acheiver!!