Monday, June 20, 2011


Dentist these days are SO cool!! I mean really! Toy rooms in the lobby, video games, TV's on the ceilings playing your favorite movie, and my favorite of all medicine to calm the kids!

I feel so ripped off! I never had any of those things when I was young, I think maybe once I got to wear some head phones from a Sony walk-man! My monkeys love the dentist!! My hell, I would too!!

They all went in for check ups, and Rooster had a lot of cavities. She had to get two silver caps, and like three fillings. Not all in one visit, thank goodness! On her last visit she seemed a little more high than normal. I asked her how she was feeling and she said "I'm fragile today Mommy." Then she fell asleep. Oh and the boys had none!


annie said...

My dentist had a game area. He had a full size video game that didn't require quarters. It was the coolest thing.
I love the things your kids say. They crack me up!

Amber said...

I know right?! My dentist had a freaking fish tank in the lobby and THAT'S IT!!! Total Rip OFF! :) Poor girl having to get that done though! NO BUENO!

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