Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh Boy

Okay kids, that cute little "tutu bummie" belongs to my handsome little LB! My monkies were playing dress up today, and yes! Momma had batteries in her camera that weren't dead! Haaaaalleeeeeeelujah!! Soooooo, not only did LB wear Roosters barely used tutu, he also wore her.....

Swimsuit!! Notice that Rooster is sporting her favorite "boy panties" Yes, in case you were wondering I will be black mailing them with these pictures! Just below is a side view for your pleasure, and to prove that bummy does in deed belong to LB!

Rooster runs up to me in her brothers swimsuit and says "Mommy, I think Heavenly Father made a mistake. He should have made LB a girl and me the boy!!" Umm, okay. Yeah I'm at a loss for words with that one.

So you're not confused as to who is who...Left sporting some sweat shorts, "bum ba" PJ top, and "pida ma" snow boots is Curly. In the middle we have LB wearing a Da da da da da Dora swimsuit, and bed head. Finally on the right we have our resident tomboy Rooster in her favorite Hawaiian swim trunks WITH panties! Have I mentioned lately I love my children?


Amber said...

HILARIOUS!!! Definitely GREAT black mailing pics!!!

zazu and mufassa said...

Ha! Kimm, your family is cracking me up! Great pics!