Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scary Times

The other day Hunk, Curly, and I spent all day at the Primary Children's Hospital. Testing, and waiting, and more testing. We went to the hospital in Riverton thinking that it would be faster than going all the way down town, boy was that a mistake! We were there all day! When they finally fit us in for an MRI they told us they couldn't do the test because Curly had had a bite yes a BITE of cookie! And that we were now after being there all day, being sent downtown to wait for them to have an opening for the MRI! I was pissed!The rath of Kimm came out and I cleared the room in .01 seconds! I didn't even feel guilty about yelling at them either! I was tired, and worried!

I guess I should explain why I was worried. While the kids were playing the day before this I noticed that Curly's face was a little droopy, okay a lot droopy! He had a crooked smile, and the side of his face didn't move. That night I was telling Hunk about my concerns when he told me that Curly had had a bad fall getting into the tub the night before. He was climbing into the tub and fell backwards landing on his head right on the tile floor!
All the tests came back as normal, and we were told that he has nerve damage in his face. It should clear up between 4-6 weeks. So now we wait! I don't like to wait, it makes me feel helpless and as a mother that is the last thing I want to feel!