Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grocery List

I love having my days at home. I miss my morning shift at work 6 to 12:30. It's the BOMB! Right now Hunk is working in the mornings so I have had to give up my shift to be home with the kids. Oh what a sacrifice. Are you sensing my sarcasim? It was a hard choice staying home and a BIG finiacal sacrifice. Money is tighter than ever, ut it's worth it for moments like today.

It's no news to anyone that is close to us my kids need new shoes. They each only have one pair and as fast as they're growing there getting to be a bit small. So today was the day for a shopping trip. For reasons I won't mention these have been especially hard for me lately, but I'm working on it. Anyway....when I mentioned to the kids we were going to by shoes they were SO excited!

LB looks at me with his big blue eyes and says, "Mommy, do you think we can get some food too? Cause we're getting a little low on things." Of course I say, what kind of food are you thinking you want to get? His face lights up, and he runs out of the room. He returns shortly with his dream journal and a pencil. "We can make a list!" He exclaims. Sounds like a great idea buddy, let's do it! And so we did, and here it is a grocery list made by my little Monkeys.

Hot Dogs
Dog Food
Strawberries ( for smoothies, cause we want to make smoothies cause we have a blender you know!)
Milk (Curly yells "ill ill, I ah ill" which translates to milk milk, I want milk)
LB says, Mommy did you know that Walmart has a different kind of "dog milk" for dogs? One day Daddy and I went into a different kind of Walmart, and they had milk for dogs. We should buy some so that Rusty and Rebel can have some milk, cause milk is good for our bodies. But not dog milk for us, cause if WE drink the dog milk we will become dogs. Yeah, cause it's just that magical!

The list continues with Shoes, crayons, markers, paper, and last on the list is ROCK STAR toys, guitar for Curly, that he has to share with Rooster cause he's still a baby. Drums for LB, and a microphone for Rooster! You see, it's times like these my sacrfice pays!


annie said...

I love living vicariously though you. Keep the great stories coming!