Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I look up and I see LB staring at me with his eyebrows furrowed. We lock eyes and he starts to walk toward me. With a stern voice he says "MOMMY, WE NEED TO TALK!"
I'm thinking I'm in trouble so I say "about what buddy?" he is now in my lap and says...Trees!

Tell me what you know about trees Mommy! So, I asked him what HE knew about trees and he said. "I know animals live in them, and they move when it's wind like this ( he puts his arms out and sways side to side), and I know they're GREEN! My favorite color, and the fairies are trying to protect them from the big black monster!"

I asked more questions about the fairies and figured out he had watched Fern Gully that day. After talking about trees for a few minutes his scowl turned to a smile! He looked up at me again with his big blue eyes and said "Thanks for the talk Mommy, let's do it again sometime!"