Monday, July 26, 2010

I Cleaned It

Rooster comes bouncing in the room, with a proud smile on her face.

Me: What ya doing?
R: Nothing.
M: What's that behind your back?
R: It's your phone. (She pulls it out from behind her back and shows it to me)
Mommy, when I got your phone I thought you might me mad at me for touching it, cause you said not to touch your phone when you're not there. BUT my brain told me to touch it, and I can't make it stop. It keeps telling me to do naughty things. Argh, that brain!
M: Your brain?
R: YES! my brain, and it tells me to do naughty things, like touch your phone, and get into your make-up, and not listen to you and Daddy, and be mean to my brothers!
M: Oh, I see. That must be frustrating, so what about my phone again?
R: well, my brain told me to try to play a game, but I couldn't find one so I cleaned it instead!

My stomach sank, as this is a new smart phone and I was imagining her "washing it" in the sink. With a big gulp I said.."Washed it?"
She said "Yeah, I washed it like this." She demonstrates as she explains. First I hold the phone close to my mouth, then I lick it all over, then I use my hands to wipe off the spit, and sometimes I have to use my shirt too. Then I look at myself in it to see if I sparkle. She looks in it and says " I do! See Mommy, you will sparkle too look!"


Amber said...

OH GEEZ!!! Way to keep your cool!! LOL! Lilly washed my sister's phone i was borrowing in the bath tub! I was NOT happy!

zazu and mufassa said...

LOL! Awesome :)

Kelly said...

ha ha what a stink