Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Man's Best Friend

Our crazy dog! This is how he sleeps! I used the "clone" tool to remove a coat that was behind him. I bet you never even noitced! Ha I love Adobe Photoshop Elements! We got this crazy dog when L.B was a baby. So, we had two babies and a puppy! It was SO much fun ( are you picking up on my sarcasm?) To be honest I didn't really like him for a very long time! Like yesterday when I took these pictures! Okay I started liking him a little before yesterday, not much though!

See the coat now? uh huh! Looove it! In case you were wondering what little "tom boy" that is sleeping with our crazy dog. She's mine! She loves her brothers camo shorts and polo shirt. At bedtime she came to me, and motioned for me to bend down. It's secret time! Rooster has been doing this a lot lately. Her "great idea" this time was for me to hide her clothes in my room so she could wear them the next day too. "Cause red is my favorite color, and I like these shorts too! Isn't that a great idea mommy?"

Isn't that a precious picture? I think that one is my favorite! We do love Rusty, and once we got him fixed, and bought another dog for him to run around with he turned into a real good boy!

There were, no there ARE times I want to give him and Rebel both to the pound! Then he does something cute like this! Man's best friend? So true!


Jodi said...

I LOVE that pic of your daughter and dog snoozing. That is precious! You have a great eye, Kimmmmm. More photos! (Since I don't even know your kids and the only way I can ever see them is through the lovely photos on your blog. Sniff. Sniff.) VISIT VISIT VISIT!

Amber said...

That is so damn cute!! So sweet! Glad you got a pic! She'll love that when she's older!!

zazu and mufassa said...

Love, love, LOVE these pictures!

Katie said...

THAT....IS....SO...FREAKING....CUTE!!!!!! You know, you said it right. There are times you want to smack the dog over the head, but then they do that. :) I remember the puppy stages, NOT FUN! It drove me crazy. But every time I researched how to help the puppy, most of what I read said to clip 'em and buy a second dog for them to play with. :)