Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Need A Fork

Tonight while we were driving home L.B. and I have this conversation........
LB: (whispering) Mommy, I need a fowak.
Me: What Baby? I can't hear you
LB: I saaaid I neeeeed a fowak! Please!
Me: What for?

LB: To get the boogers
Me: Do you mean "burgers" that you eat? Or, "boogers" in your nose?
LB: The ones that are in your nose Mommy! Duuuaaaah!

Me: okay, but what for?
LB: Well Mommy, I need the fowak to get the boogers. The ones that the ants put on my head. I don't like ants, they're bad! They bited me on my fingers!
Me: (holding in laughter) Oh really?
LB: Yeah Mommy, duuuuaah! Mommy?
Me: What baby?
LB: Umm.... AND there is a big ant monster that came bited my finger, and ate me! THEN he spitted me out cause ants don't like to eating humans, they like apples!


Granny Hawk said...

LOL!!! that is too funny!

annie said...

kids really do say the craziest things.

Katie said...

LOL!!! I love your kid stories! You have such a pristine memory! LOVE IT!