Sunday, November 8, 2009

Big Fish

A couple of weeks ago Rooster and L.B went fishing with Grandpa M, Grandma D, Great Grandpa, and Grandma Smith. It was great, especially being ME at home with only one baby, need I say more? Rooster was able to drive the boat...."All by myselth, and only I caught the fish!" she said. That's right my little girl is a fisherman! When I asked her if she had fun she said "well, yes! But I don't like to have to touch the fish in the mouth, and I don't want to eat it!" At her birthday party we decided to serve the fish she caught! She was SO proud she had to show everyone! She was a little upset that people were going to eat it, but eventually came around.


Andersen Family said...

Way to go!! She needs to teach her cousins

Granny Hawk said...

Look at that cute! That's Granny Hawk's girl!