Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

LB was born on Friday the 13th! He was a planned C-section. One of those, show up at 10 and have a baby! It was a nice change from Roosters birth!

Rooster checking out the baby!

Here is my handsome baby at six months old, with his good looking momma! I look SO young in that picture, I now have wrinkles and grey hair!

Devouring his cake at his big ONE party!


All smiles at two years old!

His favorite past time is fishing with Grandpa! During this particular trip he told me they didn't catch "one yittle fish" BUT Auntie "telly" got a rat with big teeth!

I love this kid! Of course I love all my children, there is something special and this teddy bear!

Always while I'm in the bathroom....I come out and find LB, face, hands, and shirt covered with Spider-man cake. L.B?? Yah momma. Did you eat Roosters Spiderman cake? No, Mommy it wasn't me, I didn't eat it, I pwomisss!

As I was looking through all the pictures I have of this handsome young man, I noticed a theme. This SMILE! I love it! It warms my heart and fills my soul with joy! I love you son, Happy Birthday!


Granny Hawk said...

I love this boy/he is so handsome/I think we need to go on a trip to Southern Utah, Kanab area this next summer..

Katie said...

Kimm! You have the cutest kids! Happy Birthday little man!

Gina said...

Super cute. Happy birthday, kid.

annie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to the LB. I never relized it was the same day as Austins. That will acutally make it easier, one less b-day to try and remember :-)