Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Around 7:30 pm everynight, give or take a few minutes/hours. My kids and I begin chanting. Bath, books, bed! Bath, books, bed! I'll shout "What time is it??" They yell "bath, books, bed! Bath, books, bed!"
Then LB without fail will say "And Mommy, wemembera... one little song, or two...yeah two" Rooster says "Yep two LB picks his favorite, then me! No me first! My favorite first, cause I beat him! I won, I always won! She talks so fast by the end of a thought she is panting for breath!
Tornedo gets his shower/bath and goes directly to bed. Then Rooster and LB have thier bathtime/swimming lessons! Then it's books! Always Cat in the Hat, and Henry's Awful Mistake, which they basically have memorized! It's cute to have them "read" it to me!
"Okay," I say. "One song each, what will it be?" Roosters is ALWAYS " Mother I love you, from the primary book. I end up singing it 5 times! I have to replace the "mother" with each one of our names! Then, it's LB's turn his favorite is a Kimm original! Titled: The Dragon and the Castle! To save you from asking I will just sing it for you now....

Once upon a time there was a Dragon,
Who live in a castle on a hill.
He spits fire from his mouth, and farts out smoke
We call him ...(pause)... Jack or Jill?

I know, I know! BUT the kids love it!! They laugh and laugh, then LB will say "do it adin, adin mommy!" SO of course I end up singing IT 5 times, cause I've got to be fair! I throw in "Castle on a Cloud" as MY pick, and it's nighty night!
Last night the plan was the same, chant, bathe, read, sing, sleep! We're still in the process of un-packing (such a pain), so the chair I normally sit in is unavailable for sitting. Being me, I quickly substituted the chair for the closest "something to sit on" I could find. In this case it was a pretty blue cooler with cup holders on the lid and wheels!
As I was finishing up with books and songs, I told my ready for bed, well behaved, do what my momma tells me to *cough* children good-night! At that very moment, LB started to throw a "fit" it was a mother of a fit too!! Still sitting on the cooler, I leaned over to rub his head. In doing so, put just enough pressure on the side of the cooler to shoot it out from under me like a cork from a whine bottle! I fell right to my rump on the floor! Yes it hurt! Yes, I cried a little, and LAUGHED a lot!! It was a great "end" to a wonderful evening!


Jodi said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ooooh, I am sorry about your backside but what a great story! I LOVE reading about your bedtime rituals, too. You have lucky kids! VISIT VISIT VISIT VISIT!

Amber said...

That is SO DANG FUNNY! Great visual, too. But, I'd've paid to see it in person! ;)

Gina said...

That was a sweet and funny story all at the same time! Loved it.

NannyP said...

I am still laughing!!! Your are such a good mother! Think of the memories that you are making for my precious grandbabies.I am soooo proud to be your mom, Now I am crying xoxox