Friday, October 2, 2009

More Baby E!

Baby E, from now on will be called Tornado! He has come into his own little personality! He is in to EVERYTHING! You can definitely tell when he has been in the room. He can walk, yet he refuses to let go of whatever he is choosing to hold/push at the time. Hunk is "dadada", I am "yaya". His other favorite word is "uh uh" (his own version of no).
I have been trying to teach him to moo, so far I just get the "ooooo".
I can't imagine our little family without him! He is just a joy, even when he is breaking everything!


annie said...

Tornado seems like a fitting name. Where did he get all that curly hair from?

Kelly said...

ha ha so cute. He has kenny's baby curls and your brown hair. Good combination!

NannyP said...

Ohh looks like Tornedo has the "Crosby-curl"! Just like you, your brothers, and uncles! What a handsome baby!

purplesign said...

WOW!! Look at those curls!! I can't even believe it!! What a cute kid.