Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Trip....Part 2

It was such a hot day at the park! Granny helped the kids get a drink, nothing like fresh spring water to quench your thirst! Mount Shasta's water supply is pure, and shipped to bottling companies! It's bottled water from the tap! Sign me up!

We did a lot of "chillaxin" at Granny's house. Ahhh, Baby E still loves having his picture taken. He'll soon be like the other two! They turn and run when they see my camera! Hence the candids!

They also did a little jumping on the bed! While they jump LB sings..."Two yittle monkeys jumpin on da bed. Mommy says, you two monkeys don't wreck my bed! An da docta says no no on da bed"

More playing in the park!

I love this one!! Look at that face! Looks like his Momma!

Rooster did a little coloring while we waited for our dinner. She is so proud of herself for staying in the lines!
Where's the beef?

LB is Granny's special boy! He has to have his "hot chocolate coffee". At one breakfast he got a hot chocolate that was a little messy. the waitress had spilled on the saucer. LB points to the mess on the plate and says, "dramma, that is poop! We don't eat poop!" Then he licks the chocolate off his finger!

Granny, thanks for letting us stay with ya! Here's a little "shout-out" to you and your girlies at work!! Haaay, where the party at?!


The Stark Bunch said...

Looks like a fun trip and I love the scrapbook pages that you are posting on here. They look great!