Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our Trip...Part 1

Lunch Box was mesmerized by Hunk's Uncle Jack playing the guitar. He would sit and stare at Uncle Jack's fingers as they moved across the neck of the guitar. Just before I took this picture LB looked at me with his eyes wide open and said "Mommy, he's rocking it up!! You dotta dit a picher of dis!" So, I did!

Here's Baby E getting in on some drumming action!! I love that my kids love music as much as I do!

My little monkeys spent most of their time at Granny Hawks house outside. Playing in the dirt!

Testing the waters of Lake Siskiyou. (sis-q) This was the first time the kids went swimming in "open waters". Okay so a lake isn't really "open", but you know what I mean right? Both Rooster and LB were cautious at the end they were a couple of fish!

Baby E, playing on shore with mommy! I couldn't swim, who would've taken all the pictures?!

I don't know why, but this picture is one of my favorites! Look at that cute little "pull-up" bummie!

"Hey, everybody! Look at me I'm a fishy!" Rooster screamed, as she rode on Daddy's back!

LB found some "potatoes" in the lake!!

More potatoes??

LB refused to go in the water past his ankles until we were ready to go home. "Oone more time, jus one more yittle time".

Hunk and I were able to sneek away for a short little while. We went to Castle Lake. It was a beautiful place! On the way there we stopped at the gas station to get drinks. The van died! It was dead! No power what-so-ever! We got a jump and started on our way, as we pulled out of the station it died again! Right in the middle of the street! My heart sunk, I mean HELLO?? We are miles and miles from home! I do not want to be stranded, let alone have a huge mechanic bill.
We couldn't figure out if it was the altenator or the battery. We tried to start the van again and it worked! We went as fast (an safe) and possible to the local part store. They did their testing, we bought a new battery, hunk put it in right there in the parking lot, and we we're back in business!
The water was so clear you could see the bottom! What a peaceful, beautiful place!

This is the mountain the town in named after. Mount Shasta is a volcano! Cool huh? I was going to tel this big long history of Mount Shasta, but I'm at work and out of time!!

More soon.......


Amy said...

Oooh, glad the car was okay. Nothing worse than car trouble on vacation. We've been there! Is Mount Shasta in Oregon? I've never seen a lake so CLEAR! Beautiful.

Kimm said...

Amy- It's in Northern California, it is beautiful!! I couldn't believe how clear the water was either!!

Kelly said...

it really is heaven on earth. I miss living there just for how beautiful and peaceful it is. Can't wait till its our turn to go there!

annie said...

Looks like you'll had a great time. The lake and mnt/volcano are beautiful. I must say I hate living in the desert! I miss green, and I don't even get to come to UT this summer :-( Okay, enough crying...I can't wait to see more of your vacation.