Saturday, July 18, 2009


I thought I would share a few little conversations that have been had in my life lately. Notice the picture above? The first conversation is about it.

LB: Yook Yubee, he made us a chugga chugga choo choo train.
R: What?
LB: Yook in da dsky. You see doze tlouds? He made a chugga chugga choo choo train for us Yubee! Up dere, yook!
R: Who did it?
LB:(deep breath) The man up dere, he made it for us. The chugga chugga choo choo train. Cause he yoves us
R: You mean Heavenly Father?
LB: uh, yeah! Hebenly Fadda! Yes yoves us, and made us that chugga chugga choo choo train! It's our taxi! Mommy, it's our taxi!
While we were at the beach, my two monkeys were jumping on the bed. I know, nothing new about that.....oh wait something new...the had clothes on! Anyway, LB ended up kicking Rooster and hurting her. Granny laughed (so did I, but I didn't get caught, ha ha)

R: My Aunt Sassy says......when someone gets hurt, it's not nice to laugh!! I got hurt, you laughed, and Aunt Sassy says THAT'S NOT NICE!!
A little bit ago Hunk took LB night fishing with Grandpa M and Auntie K. The next morning I had this conversations with LB

M: Hey baby, did you have fun last night?
LB: Mommy, we went in da gloomy sea. It was dark!
M: Did you catch any fishies?
LB: Umm no Mommy, but there was a BIG RAT! It was swimming in the water and auntie K put her hand in it and IT BITTED HER FINGER OFF!
M: Oh really, that sounds scary
LB: It's otay Mommy, I was the captain of the ship. It was dark and I was brave!
What an imagination my Rooster has! She loves drawing and is getting pretty good at it too. Yesterday she was drawing her usual monster. It's cool to look through all her drawings and see them progress. What once was a scribble is now a monster with eyes, nose, mouth, and ears! With holes!

R: Mommy, my monster has a hole in it's ear! Are you so proud of me? I love drawing! Thank you Mommy for letting my draw, and for giving me this paper. YOU ARE THE BEST! Are you proud of me Mommy?

M: Yes, Baby! I am always proud of you!

R: Mommy, why do we have holes in our ears? Is it for putting things in and pulling things out?

M: No, we have holes in our ears so we can hear

R: Oh, okay! Sometimes I hear peoples in trouble! I hear them call for help, and I RUUUUUN to the rescue like..........(thinking).....Dora! No, not Dora....SPIDER MAN!


We were at Sutherlands (hardware store) last night. A guy on a fork-lift drove by and Rooster starting freaking out!!

R: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Look look is that the coolest thing you ever see??

Curious to see what Rooster was going on about LB walked over to the end of the isle.

LB: Oh yeah Yubee, that is my taxi! Okay, my taxi is here to get me Mommy. See ya yater!


Katie said...

Kimm!!! I love these stories, keep them coming. You have a great memory to write all those details. The funny part is, I can perfectly imagine your kids talking. :) See you tomorrow!

Amy said...

Adorable, I love it! Aren't these so precious to record?

Gina said...

Darling stories. So fun to be a part of their lives.