Friday, July 31, 2009



Hunk and I were having a conversation last night. The kind that married people have sometimes, you know? The ones that GO NO WHERE!! With all the stress in our lives it's no wonder we have a few disagreements. We were both getting frustrated, and not using our listening skills very well.

Rooster (jumping on my bed with LB) noticed our frustration with each other and said. "Wait, everybody be quiet for just a minute! I have something to say to you. Now Daddy, you let Mommy finish talking first. You just listen to her, and then when she is done talking you can talk. Mommy, you finish talking and then you listen to Daddy while he talks." Big sigh....."Now, I have to teach you two to share talking! That is what friends do! Friends share talking!" "GOT IT?"

Hunk and I look at each other, and trying not to laugh we look to Rooster and say "Yah, we got it!""Good!" she says and continues on jumping.
So there you have it! A life lesson from my three, soon to be four year old daughter!


Gina said...

That is adorable. They teach us so much.

Mostly though, I am wondering how you posted so early in the morning.

Amber said...

Oh that's just great! Kinda scary how they do have things figured out in their heads!! Amazing how they can totally stop you in your tracks. What a sweetheart!

annie said...

Neal & I need a LB to teach us lessons when we are being silly.

Misty said...

Mike and I share talking all the time. We share each other's turns which means we're still talking over each other! :)

Katie said...

So cute!!! I love it!