Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't Give Up

We had a really bad thunderstorm the other day, in the land of Tooele. Wait....did I spell that right? I think I did, I mean I should know how to spell it right?? Funny thing, I can't spell check, because even if I spelled it right it would come up wrong!

Anyway, back to the storm. The clap of thunder was SO loud it could probably be heard in Arkansas! Hunk jumped out of his skin! Rooster jumped right into my lap, covered her ears, and burried her head in my chest.

Lunch Box, being the lovey lover he is looks over at her and breaks out in a song from YO GABBA GABBA, for those of you blessed to NOT know what that is click here, for those of you that aren't that lucky...feel free to sing along!

Don't stop, don't give up! Don't stop, don't give up! Keep trying, keep tryin don't give up, don't give up! He so lovingly looks to Rooster and says, don't be cared, it only thunda! It only thunda, it not carey. You otay? He then continues to sing....

I love his great big "teddy-bear" heart!