Thursday, May 7, 2009


Some of you have had the privilege of meeting one of two of my mother-in-laws, Debbie! Others have had the great opportunity to hear her stories, and basically pee-your-pants laughing!

Well, here we go with another wonderful "Debbieism" The following post was written by her loving husband, my favorite father-in-law....Milty!

OK, so it's funny, do not be drinking a glass of milk when you read this:

The other night I was sitting on the floor, in front of the couch, having a conversation with my lovely wife Deb. I looked at her tackle box sitting outside the closet (she had just emptied to pack for the move) and noticed the box was upside down.

I asked her why the tackle box was upside down; she replied "no, it's not". Again I reiterated the box was inverse of its normal position, this goes on for several minutes, finally Deb says "oh, yeah I guess it is" then says "I wondered why it was so hard to open", "it would not close very well either after I put the rest of the tackle inside.."

OMG, I told her the handle was on the top of the box and that was a good indicator of the box's position. She then said "I guess I'll have to go to work tomorrow and make a couple of labels, top and bottom!". At this point I could not restrain the laughter anymore and had to call Kenny, he almost died.. In a final lunge at humor I had to add my little bit and scribe on the tackle box which end was the actual BOTTOM... hahaha.

Anyway Utah is still a state, of mind or physical land the jury is still out.
It is all for fun, Milt

The upside label would have been my first clue ( ha ha)

Thanks, Milty! I laughed SO hard, Debbie is something else!
Love you Grandma Debbie!!


Kelly said...

Gotta love Debbie!!

Grandma Hawk said...

Hmmmm..jury's out on this one....their moving?