Friday, March 27, 2009

A Rooster Named Mike

Was one of many topics of conversation on my drive to town this morning. I work the early shift at Sorenson 6:00am to 12:30pm. It's best for me being a mom! I get to leave before my babies wake up in the morning, and am home while they're napping. I love being able to work without missing a lot of "quality" time with them.

Grandpa M also works early. His work is on the way to mine, so he hitches a ride with me. We have some interesting and often random conversations. This mornings trip was no different. We talked about how funny Jeff Foxworthy is, the movie "Dumb and Dumber", shooting bee bees into an oil barrel, mascara, me wanting fake eyelashes ( hey, I told you it was random), eating ready to hatch baby chicks out of the egg in the Philippians, and roosters.

As the topic of roosters came up I was taken back in my mind to life as a teen. We lived in Riverton, had horses, sheep, goats, chickens, etc etc.

Mike was the name of our "killer" chicken! He was the meanest rooster EVER! He would literally chase us down at full attack mode. No one wanted to feed him. Anytime we went to the back, his location was the first thing noted! You better hope to see him coming first or your legs would be aching!

On one summer day, my dad hollered for me "Kimm, it's your turn to feed the chickens!" Umm, are you out of your mind dad?, I'm NOT going out there with that killer on the loose! You don't have to worry about Mikey,he's dead he said. With an eye roll and a sigh I was on my way to the garage to get the feed bucket. I slowly walked out to the back, my heart was racing. I was scared! My dads words lingered in my mind....don't worry, Mikey's dead, and peace came over me. You'll be okay I said to myself, just breathe!

I happened to glance up at the kitchen window and noticed my mom, dad, and two brothers with their noses smashed against the glass. What are THEY looking at I thought to myself. At the very moment I saw Mike and realized why they were there. I stood frozen with fear! Mike opened his wings and began to charge! I threw the whole feed bucket at him hoping that it would give me enough time to get to the garage, I was wrong! I have never been more scared in all my life. I screamed HEELLLLP, and turned to run. It was too late, he was there pecking at my feet. He chased me all the way back to the garage. I opened the door to the house and found my family rolling around in hysterics! I looked at them with tear full eyes, and bleeding legs. You're a bunch of JERKS!!! I said. I have forgiven them, but NEVER forgot! I never fed the chickens again!!

Grandpa M and I had a great time laughing over this story and others this morning! I'm glad to have him as a passenger, he keeps me awake and laughing always!!


Gina said...

I can't believe how mean that is. You are good for forgiving. I am not sure forgiveness would be at the top of my list for this one! I guess it has been many years. Wow. Good story.

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

I agree with Gina, my hat is off to you girlie....that was mean and uncalled for....:-)

Mom of Three said...

It was meant to be a funny story! I guess it was a little mean, but that wasn't my point of sharing it! ha ha

Amber said...

I think that's hilarious too! However, i wouldn't have fed those darn chickens ever again either! Forget it.

Gerb said...

There is a mean old goose that hangs out with the sweet, waddly ducks at the pond by our house. Those cute ducks get neglected all the time because of that jerk-of-a-goose. I got nipped once and now I avoid that goose like it's got rabies (it probably really does... jerk goose).

Now, pecked? Bleeding legs? That rooster would still be in my nightmares!

Katie said...

LOL! No, that doesn't even express the hurt in my abs when I laughed after reading this. That is sooo soo soo frickin' funny! The best part is that I can totally imagine it :) Aww, Kimm, you're the best!