Friday, March 13, 2009

The Windy Season

I live in the far west Utah town of Tooele (too-el-uh). Against my will, as I have previously stated.

It is VERY windy here this time of year. The winds have been known to blow up to 80mph. Last year around this time, we lost our fence, and shingles from our roof!

The other night was the first day of the season. The wind was probably 15-20mph. Our next door neighbor was doing some repairs on his roof, oh about 5 months ago and left his ladder outside. It's leaning against his house. (OH, a little side note for those of you that don't know we live in a town-home. That's right, we are connected at the hip with our neighbors!)

Anyway, back to the ladder. There is a chain connected ( for whatever reason) that was flapping around and banging against the house. It was VERY loud!!

Lunch Box came running into my room around 1:30am, "mom mom", some one knock to da door, I scared! I said, "no, baby it's the wind blowing outside". It's too "youd" momma, too "youd", I scared! He said as he ran out of my room and down the hall. He returned shortly, with his blanket and pillow in haul. Mom mom?? Yeah, baby. I need to "yay wis you", it's too "youd".

Okay, baby come on I say rolling my eyes. (good thing it was dark, he never knew) Am I ever going to get a "full night" of sleep I think to myself. Maybe in a few years, but for now I will survive on minimal rest!

True to form LB climbs up on my bed, laying as close to me as he can get without being ON me! He reaches over and grabs my face, turning it to his. "I yub you momma", I love you too, night night I said. At that very moment the chain, blowing in the wind banged against the house hard! I nearly jumped out of my skin! LB reached his hand over and caressed my cheek, " don't be scared mom mom, I will "pre-tect" you!

He is the sweetest, most thoughtful and kind child! I am so lucky! Of course, too his sweetness made me feel like a big-fat-jerk for being upset at him for waking me from my slumber!!


Katie said...

Oh Kimm! Your kids are so adorable :) I love hearing your stories about them, especially you imitating how they say things :) One of these days I need to meet them!

The Stark Bunch said...

What a fun story! I don't think we get to sleep much till after they move out... and even then we probably still won't be able to sleep.