Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Four Of my Favorite People!

I have to start by saying I have many favorite people! I could make a list a mile long of everyone I love, and the reasons why. I'm afraid if I do that I may lose the little number of followers I have.

At the top of my mile long list is of course the love of my life, the hot in my chocloate, the crust to my bread, my best friend Hunk Of Burning Love! Next on my list in no special order are my beautiful children. They are my reasons for everything I do!
Baby E loves his jumper! He jumps and coos until he is pooped!

Rooster and Lunch box! They are monkeys!! I was working on my blog the other day and they came running into my room screaming... "we're naked mommy, we're naked!" I turned around to see them just that, naked! They tore all the blankets and pillows off my bed and starting jumping.....yes naked!! They're so stinking cute, how could I get mad!!

Lunch box and Rooster always seem to find their way to our bed in the wee hours of the morning! Today while I was studying my eyelids, Lunch Box came tip toeing into my room. How did I know he was tip toeing you ask? He was whispering "tip toe, tip toe". He climbed up into my bed got right up next to my head and whispered to himself, my mommy, I yob (love) you mommy. Then he leaned down and kissed me on my cheek! Mommy, you wake now? he said. What a sweet heart! I woke up smiling, how could I not!

While I was getting ready for work today, Lunch Box said.."You go work mommy?" Yep I said, Mommy's going to work. He said "No, Mommy you no go work, you stay home wif us". To which my ever so smart Rooster replied, No mommy has to work to bring us money!! She turned and looked at me and smiled! Mommy, when I get grown up I will work for money just yike you do!

Can you see why these little monkeys are my favorite people! I don't know what I would do without them!


Susan Sparrowhawk said...

Oh, how cute! I love it! Rooster is the practical one and Lunchbox the dreamer.....rolling on the floor at work, holding my sides and laughing....lol

Kelly said...

So cute, you know where they get there looks from right? :0)

Mom of Three said...

umm yeah, ME!!

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

Yeah, you know where they get their looks doncha? From granny hawk! ;)