Friday, January 2, 2009

Can I Keep It?

Mom, if I find something can I keep it? Rooster says while trying to catch her breath. That all depends on what you have found I say. Hardly able to talk from her excitement she says "MONEY, I found some money!!" I was yooking around and I found it, with my VERY own awesome eyes! Really, I say holding in my laughter, what kind of money did you find? She says, it's SHINY mommy! Can I keep it? I said, well, let me see it first. She ran up, and back down the stairs as fast as I have ever seen her!

Two pennies to most is a worthless find, but to my little Rooster it was a fortune!!


Amy said...

"With my very own awesome eyes." Now that's awesome.

Kelly said...

Ha ha, I love it. She is such a cutie

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

Yes, she sure is...hmmmm...she must get it from me...;-) Kim! I hope you are printing these for a future book.