Monday, December 29, 2008


We started our celebration on Christmas Eve this year, our "norm" since Hunk and I have been together. Usually we spend the Eve with his side of the family and the Day with my side of the family. Well, this year G-ma D wanted to celebrate on the Day so we switched it up a bit!

On the Eve... We went to Nanny and Pops! ( my parents) My mother's famous Christmas words are "There's not going to be much this year", and true to form we were greeted by a MOUNTAIN of gifts! The kids loved them all..... Lunch Box is checking out his Kenworth truck!
Rooster, the rock star!

Mullet Boy and Rooster dancing to Lunch Box playing his "rock star" (guitar)

We also went to see my Grandmother, and my Auntie. The kids got their favorite characters on a sweatshirt. Rooster got Spider-man, Lunch Box for Sponge Bob, or as he says it Bom bob pair pants!

On the Day... we spent the morning opening gifts at home with just us! It was nice!! Thank you Santa!!
Say cheese....the kids love DaDaDaDora, and Diego!!

Rooster is wearing Lunch Box's goggles for his tool box. She calls the Woggle Goggles!!

Here is our little Reindeer, Baby E!!
After all the hustle and bustle of gift opening, Unka J and Auntie K came and stole Rooster away to G-pa M's house and the boys took a nap!

Ahhhhh!! After the nap and a quick bake session ( yes, Hunk made rolls for dinner) We were off for more gifts, dinner, family and fun!! Aren't we cute?! Oh yeah, you know it baby!!
Rooster's first fishing pole! Lunch Box got one too, I just didn't get a picture...Dang it!
Are you seeing a theme here?
Gift opening with Hunk's side of the family was chaotic, it was like an avalanche of gifts.
This is Hunk opening his ice fishing tent! See Gia he does manly things too!! ha ha
We had a great time, and sure missed those of you that weren't here! We love you!


Gina said...

Duh! So I was totally just looking at your blog when all of the sudden it changed. Your new header came up and new colors! Looks great. You are a pro. I see lots and lots of gifts. No worries...I see manliness too! Hee hee

Amber said...

LOVE IT! Christmas is soooo fun when the kiddies start to understand it all! Look like they made off with a haul! YEAH! My prob.... finding places for all the toys to go! Blah! Enjoy your holiday!!

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

Awwwww....missin' ya'all too! I love your new look!

james said...

looks like everybody had lots of fun