Friday, February 11, 2011


As I sit here writing this blog my cute little Rooster is sitting on the arm of my couch (which she knows is mostly forbidden) writing in her own little notebook. I love that she is "journaling" at FIVE!

I love to journal, I haven't always been real good at it. When I transferred into the British Deaf Programme, I met the most amazing missionary/person I have ever met! She was Sister Farley, and she saved my missionary life! She was like I said that most AMAZING person. She taught me to sign, to teach the gospel, to work hard, to be patient, and to sacrifice. We made sacrifices so that we could find people to teach the gospel. Keep in mind some of the things we "sacrificed" were things that would benefit us.
I learned from Sister Farley that if you show the Lord you are willing to do whatever you promise, he will bless you! We did, and he did!! I could seriously go ON and ON about this wonderful person, and one day I will.....BUT today my point is this. One of the things that we promised the Lord we would do is to write in our journal, I kept that promise and we were blessed! 18 months is a long time to do something regularly and not continue it after. That's right! To this day I journal regularly....I love being able to look back and read about all the great times I have had, and the not so great times too! Thanks Farley!!

Now back to my Rooster, she is keeping what she calls a "dream journal" it's going to be full of all her dreams! I have to help her spell, and she is using lots of pictures and I LOVE IT! I love being able to learn about her! So far her dream journal has her 5th birthday when Spiderman came to her party. She has a picture of her and her daddy in their garden, pictures of her with her brothers, and pictures of her and me in my room having "special time" telling secrets. She also has a page with the words DISNEY LAND, and KAWASAKI because she wants one before her 13th birthday.....Oh boy!


Misty said...

Awwwww!! You're making me cry! I love you, Crosby. Always will. You were a total blessing to me ("Difference between me and Sis. Thursfield #192...") and I'll forever be grateful that we were comps.

How cute is her journal?! Love it. :)