Saturday, July 10, 2010

Am I In Trouble?

LB has recently developed a habit or running off and doing whatever he wants! He is so independent! I'm happy about it, but at the same time wish he would realize he needed me more.

We were at Grandpa Milty's house visiting with James, Shannon, and Clay. (Hunk's brother, and his family) It was great to meet Shannon, and see the boys again, it has been TWO years since we saw them! We were all sitting around chatting, and I noticed that LB was missing. I hobbled around the house looking for him, and couldn't find him anywhere, so I went outside. I noticed the van door was open so I crept up to the van. I saw him buttoning up his pants, and said LB!

He jumped to attention, with eyes wide open said, "What?" He looked guilty! There was no way to hide that! "What do you have?" I asked. He looks at me with wide-open-guilty eyes and says, "nothing, and there is nothing in my pockets either Mommy!" I give him my "mother" look and ask him if he was sure, to which he replies....Will I be in trouble?

I told him if he was honest he wouldn't be in trouble. Then he said, "what about time-out?" By this time I was getting frustrated, so I said firmly "LB, just tell me!" He looked around, pulled out his pockets and pulled his shorts down, looked up at me with a smile as big as Texas and said "I put on Curly's swimming diaper, am I in trouble?"

I laughed and said "no buddy, you're not in trouble" He said "I love you Mommy, thanks for not getting me in trouble." and in the house we went!


Amy said...

Awwwww! So sweet!

Leanne said...

Love that! You really describe events soo good! Champ :)