Monday, June 28, 2010

Papa's Potty

We were at my Mom and Dad's the other day, had a nice loooong visit! My monkies love going there and playing with their cousin Boogie!! After we left, Hunk and I were parched so we went to The Maverick, they were having buy two get one free Gaterade! ( gater-ate as the kids say)

As Hunk was walking in the store Rooster says, "Mommy, I'm going to pee my pants! I can't hold it, I need to go!" I check with her to make sure she REALLY needs to go, as often she claims bladder eruptions when really she only wants to check out the facility! She assures me that this time she really has to go. Just about that time Hunk was climbing in the van. I told him the good news, and we were off.....back to Nanny and Papa's for the potty!

We arrived shortly, and Rooster jumped out of the car and hustled in to the house. She ran down the hall way and into Papa's room. My dad works early so he goes to bed early, and he had just gotten in bed when Rooster bursts into his room and says: "Sorry for the "trusion" Papa, I have to pee, and I ran into the house, but not too fast cause I don't have my shoes on, and Sassy is in the other bathroom so I had to come and use yours Papa, I couldn't make it all the way home without peeing my pants, so that is why my Mommy and Daddy brought me here to your house okay Papa? Well, I'm done now Papa, BUT I have to wash my hands first. Okay, love you Papa bye!

Papa says.....Umm Rooster girls are supposed to close the door when they use the potty. She throws her arms and him and says "Oh Papa, it's just us!!"


Amy said...

"Sorry for the trusion." and "It's just us." I love it! What a charmer.