Saturday, June 26, 2010

Month in Review

It seems like AGES since I have posted anything here! Of course there has been plenty going on!

Just to name a few things....I went to a TERPEXPO in Virgina with some good friends, Rooster graduated from preschool, I had knee surgery and have been off work for too long! I think that is the reason I haven't posted really. It hurts a little bit too much to sit at the computer! I have decided that I will use some on my Facebook entries to provide you with an over view of what has been going on......

Time to hit the sack on my new Sealy! That's right, Momma spoiled herself! Ahhh sweet dreams! I have been needing a new bed since LB was conceived! Oh, is that too much information?

Remembering when having a day off work meant: I get to lay around and relax all day!! NOW, I can hardly remember what the word "relax" means.....

Ready for surgery, well as ready as I can be... here's hoping for a speedy recovery, I'm scheduled to work next Wednesday! For the record I posted this comment on May 27th and have yet to go back to working full-time!

Dear Percocet, I love you.....the end!

My kids have been home for only thirty minutes and I have been jumped on THREE times! Its going to be a long week! PS I still love you percocet!

I've decided crutches are NOT I repeat NOT fun! Is it 14 days yet? On a positive note due to pain meds, I can no longer feel my nose! (crutching away chuckling) I have enjoyed lots of time under the influence of pain medicine!! It's been nice, and I've been told I am hilarious (like I didn't already know that)

I'm starting to get cabin fever! My DVR is empty, and I'm about to reach my limit of PPV's! Ahhhhhh, can't wait to get back to work on Monday, even if it is only FOUR hours!

Nine days post op! It's time for Mister Pain to take a long walk on a short pier! Are you starting to see a pattern?

Kenny and the kids went to Grandpa's house, so its just me, the TV, my crutches and Mr. Percocet! Ahh, its gonna be a good day! Now where's the remote?

Mr Percocet and I are having a special moment, sitting on my patio swing watching a Robin eat worms from my garden. This is,well...I'm hoping real cause its pretty cool!

Are crutches considered lethal weapons, if I beat my kids with them? Not that they're being bad. I'm just a little bored!..........calm down I'm totally kidding. OK partially!

Dear inner bikini model: Come out, come out, wherever you are.......

It's been a really long month, and I haven't hardly done anything but take pain pills and complain! ha ha