Friday, April 2, 2010

Already April

My hell this year has gone by SO fast! I can't believe it's April already! I also can't believe I woke up yesterday to a yard of snow!!! What happened to spring? I know! It's nuts!

So, the other day Rooster and I were "getting ready" which basically means brushing our hair and putting some make-up on our faces! She asked me if she could have a turn with the brush. I of course said YES! She started brushing my hair ever so gently and said "Mommy, have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow up? Like, maybe you want to be a person that paints on peoples hair, or a doctor maybe. I've been thinking about it "myseth", and I'm not ready to pick yet. I want to be everyone! BUT for now I'll just be me, is that okay Mommy?" "That sounds fantastic to me" I said, and we hugged! It was a very sweet and tender moment! I miss them, you know, working and all! It was nice! I love being a mom!

I love having these little people around me daily! They teach me SO much more than I teach them! I'm not trying to get sappy, I just want to say I'm grateful.......the end!


Amber said...

Ahhhhhh LOVE that!! What a sweetie!

Lacey and Tyler Voris said...

cute! i can't wait for my little boy to start talking and say stuff like that :)

Katie said...

Kimm, that is one of the cutest blogs I've read :) I love it! You have the most adorable kids!!

The Stark Bunch said...

That is a cute story! I love the sweet tender moments.