Monday, March 15, 2010

Story Time With Rooster

At bed time last night, I was telling a story. My kids call it The Three Bears story. I was about half way through the story when Rooster says "Can I tell the Goldie Locks story now?" I was a little confused at this point since that is what I thought I was doing, and of course I wanted to hear her story, so I said "sure!" This was her story........

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldie Locks.
She had "boingy" hair. She was walking in the forest one day, carrying a basket.
When all of the sudden out jumped the BIG BAD WOLTH, and he said
(using a deep voice) Hey! What's in your basket?
(using a high squeeky voice) It's cookies, for my Nanny, she is sick.
(using the wolf voice she says) Well! I'm going to eat them all up!
And then the wolth took a short cut through the woods to nannys house.
He knocked on her door, and when she answered he shoved her in the closet!
She fell asleep! The wolth put on Nanny's clothes and got in her bed. He was pretending to be the Nanny. Goldie Locks was tra-la-la-la-laing to her Nanny's house.
When she got there she saw Nanny in the bed and said, (using voices again) why Nanny what big ears you have. All of better to hear you with my deeeear.
Why Nanny, what big eyes you have. All of better to see you with my deeeear.
Why Nanny ( at this point she was getting louder, and louder)
And the wolth chased Goldie Locks around the house! She ran outside, and saw a man chopping down a tree and said "help me, help me, the wolth is chasing me!"
And the man took the wolth and tied him up to the tree and chopped his head off!
Then Goldie Locks went back to her Nanny's and she woke up from her nap, and they ate cookies!
The wolth untied himself, found his head and put it back on. He said he was sorry to Goldie Locks and Nanny. Happily ever after.....The end!
She was SO animated! I love that there are parts of the story that I tell her in there, and lots of her own!! She told me I could film her, so I will try to post that too!! She is a hoot!! I love her! She is one of my besties for sure!! I love love love all my kids for sure, and never one more than another! I do love the relationship her and I are developing!! I hope it remains strong over the years!


Gina said...

Such a great story. Told in a way that I have never heard before. Love that. HA

The Stark Bunch said...

She IS such a hoot! I love hearing all the stories.