Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Minute Memories

Life is a series of memories, that are made in a matter of minutes! Tonight my little family was able to make a few with G-ma D, and G-pa M! The two of them stopped by on their way to Ogden, to drop off some ice fishing tackle for Hunk. Since this is the first time they have been over since Christmas, the monkeys had to "show up" their toys! After riding their cars for a few minutes, LB came and got G-pa "Close your eyes, I want to show you something." He said. G-pa of course obliged! LB then led him into their bedroom, and showed him the limbo game. The monkeys love it!

"Let's play limbo!" said LB "Yeah, limbo! it's SO fun!" shouted Rooster. In unison they began to sing "Limbo lower now, how low can ya go?" G-pa's face gleamed with joy for a short moment, and then he announced it was time to go. There was no time for limbo tonight. The monkeys wouldn't take no for an answer, and continued chanting "limbo lower now" Let's limbo G-pa, we want to limbo!

G-ma and G-pa looked at each other for a brief moment, and G-ma D said "Okay, we can stay and play limbo for TWO MINUTES, and then we have to go! With ear to ear grins the monkeys ran into the living room, limbo game in tow!

"You have to play the song, Mommy! Huwwy up! Did you get it?" bellowed LB with great excitement! "Yes, I got it!" I said, as I pushed play on the song, and grabbed my camera!
"Limbo Rock" came blasting out of the speakers, and the game was on! The kids wanted G-ma to go first and so she did! It was a hoot! She had this funky hand thing going on and did you see the huge grin on her face? Second the monkeys had their turn, and lastly was G-pa! G-pa, did a little "warm up" jig to get the blood pumping in all the right places. "I'm only doing this once." he said, and he was off! They limbo'd and danced until the song was over!
As they left all the monkeys lined up at the door to wave good-bye! They were blowing kisses, signing I love you, waving bye-bye, and at the last moment before I closed the door Rooster sang " Oh what fun it is to write in a one whore open sleigh, and good-bye!"
Two minutes of limbo, and a lifetime of memories!! Thanks G-ma and G-pa! We love you!


Granny Hawk said...

Go Grama-D! and Granpa Miltie! love it, I just love it...not sure if I would have the darn energy...good for them...;-)