Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glitter Time!

You would know by the looking at her face in this picture, but Rooster loves making glitter art! As soon as Curly is napping her and LB run to me with their "puppy dog eyes" begging for glitter!

How can I say no! LB loves making a mess! I mean come on, he IS a boy after all! After his glue is covered he dumps his glitter on the table. "oops, I better clean that up", he says. He does, using his hands! So, now his hands are COVERED with glitter! He looks up at me with a mile long smile and says " Moooooomy, I'm glitter man!" He walks over to his Daddy and gives his cheeks a little pat pat pat! Holds his hands in the air, and in true super hero fashion shouts " I'm Glitter-man!"


Amber said...

awesome! I prefer glitter over play-dough ANY DAY!! PS Super Reader party is sponsored by KUED. They ahve to read avg 20min a day for 3-4 wks. It's usually in Sept./Oct. then the party is on a Saturday in Jan. I'll send you the info this fall. :) It's awesome.

The Stark Bunch said...

Oh how much fun is that! I love glitter and so do kids. Why does it have to get everywhere...even when you are really, really careful.