Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cookies With Katie

As you might know Hunk is the cook in our family, so when my little monkeys told me they wanted ME to bake cookies with them I was a little scared! I mean, I can follow a recipe...well kind of! I once thought a "splatter screen" was a "pizza pan" with a super duper rubber handle, and put it in the oven! OH the smell was horrible!! I also started the same stove on fire while cooking some eggs for breakfast, and burned oatmeal cookies to an unrecognizable crisp!

Umm let me other time about 5 years ago, I pre-heated the oven to make cookies, but forgot to check INSIDE the oven. Let's just say the Domino's Pizza box didn't survive! Hence the facebook status today that read: Three excited monkeys...check! Pre-made cookie dough...check! Fire extinguisher, on hand and ready at any moment...check! Ahh, fun times baking with Mommy!

Hunk had left to go to watch the UFC fight with Uncle Casey in Tooele. So I was flying solo! Just me, the monkeys, and the oven!

By the time I found the courage to bake, it was about 8 pm! I had everything ready to go, and then I hear bling bling come from my cell phone. It was my friend Katie, she wanted to come over! I was excited! At least I didn't have to be alone with the oven!
It just so happens she is a PRO in the kitchen, and loves to we all had some fun baking cookies....and eating them! Lunch Box and Rooster had a great time, and bragged about how they already knew how to bake cookies, because they did it once with their Auntie Kelly!
I was watching a show on the Food network tonight, that I might have to try out for....Worst Cooks in America, I think I might have a chance to actually win!


Misty said...

I remember making cookies with you in England. With little m&m chips, if I remember right. I even have a great picture of you holding the bowl full of dough. Might just have to scan it for you. :)