Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flu Season

It's ALIVE! The flu, is alive and thriving in our home! Last Wednesday I had to take L.B to the emergency room. He was very sick! We spent a few hours at Primary Children's Medical Center. They tested him for every flu under the sun. He came back positive for Para Influenza. Despite our efforts to keep L.B sequestered, the flu spread. First to Rooster, then Daddy, Tornado was next.
Because he is so small he was hit real hard! I returned home from a wonderful interpreter workshop on Saturday to find All my babies sick! Hunk informed me of the fact that Tornado had been sleeping all day long! "Have you checked his breathing? I ask as I'm freaking out inside! "umm, yeah he's fine" says Hunk half dead from the flu himself. So, I went in and checked on the baby. You can imagine my pleasure to find him breathing...whew! I gave him a bottle and put him back in bed. Sunday morning his breathing was fast and shallow. I took him right away to the ER, we were in the hospital until today. It was hard seeing my baby sick, and even harder knowing that my other babies were home sick! Hunk was even sick, so let's just say it was a VERY hard week for me!

All is well now, well almost. I am completely and utterly exhausted! Emotionally and physically! Big thanks to everyone that prayed, and sent good vibes to the universe on our behalf!

I'm glad that everything turned out good! Everyone is in recovery, everyone that is BUT me!

So, I'm about to take two of these..whatever these are, and sleep in in the morning!


Jodi said...

OHMYGOSH! I am soooo sorry Kimmmm! Oh dear. I hope all is well and you are all feeling 100% soon. Poor poor baby. I HATE having kids in the hospital. It is the worst! I wish I were close and could bring some soup and play with your babies. Rest, rest, rest and get well soon! (And then you can VISIT VISIT VISIT!)

Lacey and Tyler Voris said...

so sad! i hope everyone gets well soon and hopefully you don't get it.

Amy said...

Kim! Oh! Dear! You are in my thoughts. I'm so sorry. I'm so glad everyone is better. What an experience!