Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Side To Side

So, I was having one of my "mother of the year" moments the other day. With everything going on lately my patience has been thin! They were in one of their "we can't hear a word you say mommy" moods. I was getting VERY frustrated with the kids, and started raising my voice to them.

Rooster in her wisdom calmly walks up to me and says. "Mommy, go side to side, side to side." She starts to rock from one leg to the other. "Try it Mommy! Side to side, side to side. When you start to get mad and it grows bigger and bigger, and you get madder and madder try going side to side, side to side (she is rocking back and forth again) try it with me mommy, I'm gonna teach you how!"

I start to rock back and forth, when I am immediately corrected by my sweet little girl. "Mommy, you have to SAY side to side while you do it, if you want it to REALLY work! "Oh, okay, I'm sorry. Where did you learn this little trick?" I ask. "Well, I was watching Kai-Lan, and her friend was building sand castles at the beach, but the water was coming in and out and in and it was wrecking the castle! HE was MAD! Ya-Ya taught him side to side, and he wasn't mad anymore! So mommy, now I am teaching YOU!"

Now, everytime I start to get a little frustrated at anything, or one for that matter. I have my little Rooster in the back ground saying "remember to do your side to side mommy!"


Amy said...

Absolutely adorable! What a sweetheart. I'll have to try that.

annie said...

What a helpful little girl. Hey where did you come up with the names Rooster and LunchBox?