Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chitter Chatter

I know I have already posted about funny things my kids say, but I just have to do it again!
I'm sure they will appreciate it when they get older. Having a record of all the funny things they said and did!! Plus I will enjoy showing their future "ands". For those of you that don't know what an "and " is I will explain. Kenny "and" Kimm, John "and" Jane, Jack "and" Jill.

So to the "ands" in my children's life, I hope you enjoy these stories, and feel free to make fun!
To the point of this post. Last night as we were driving home the Rooster and LB were arguing. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me! The two of them are like an old married couple! I tell them they need to stop arguing and be nice to each other. To which they reply (at the same time) "we're not fighting, we are talking!" Rooster then says, "Mommy, see how WE let each others take turns yelling, that means we're not fighting! I tried to teach you and Daddy that idea too!"

She continues, "we like to listen too, cause we are getting all growed up, and when your growed up you listen and don't fight, cause we're friends and friends don't like to fight, friends like to play and have fun, and go swimming." I don't think she took a breath the whole time. "Speaking of swimming, how was your lesson today guys?"

LB says: I didn't go swimming today, I was drowning! My teacher was there and she watched me drowning.
R says: Let me tell you some words about swimming, I closed my mouth and jumped into the water, and because my mouth was closed I didn't choke with water!
LB: Mommy, when I went to drowning I was a little shy to my teacher, are you shy too sometimes mommy?
R : NO, Mommy is brave like me! She's not shy, but but but sometimes I get shy though too. I'm getting big mommy! My head and my legs are getting bigger and bigger all the days!
Me: Yes, you are both getting really big! I can't believe how fast you're growing!
LB: NOT ME! I'm not getting big! I'm shrinking! Like "Little Bill" I watched that show and he was shrinking and Im shrinking like him!
R: Well, I'm getting bigger and bigger and bigger! You can shrink if you want to LB but that doesn't seem like a good idea to me!
These are the times I love the most, driving in the car listening to them "talk", it gives me joy!


Amber said...

oh that is fun! And tiring all at the same time! glad you are writing them down! Makes me smile!