Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Thought I Already Looked There!

Rooster shouts in excitement, as she runs around at the park on Saturday.

We went to our local park Saturday morning for an Easter egg hunt! Grandpa M, Uncle C, and Grandpa S had the special job of hiding the eggs. I wish I had some pictures to share, but sadly the batteries were dead in my camera. This happens to me a lot!! See what I mean here

Rooster and Lunch Box were having a great time! Running around the park, up and down the slides, around the monkey jars (as Rooster calls them), and don't forget the swings, looking for eggs! Their giggles could be heard for miles!

The hunt went on for almost an hour! Not because of the number of eggs that were hidden. It was Uncle Casey's "first in, first out" method!!

Every time Rooster would put one in, he took one out and threw it behind his back, Grandpa M caught on to the "game" and was doing the same thing with Lunch box!! It was great!

Lunch Box was shouting "Yook Yook, anudda one!! Anudda one, there's so so many eggs!
Rooster looked puzzled at times, as she ran past a spot she just found an egg. I thought I already looked here!!

Watching my kids have fun brings such joy to my heart. I know it's a little cheesy to say, but it's the truth Ruth!!


Amber said...

Holidays are so much funner now with kids! Really, i think it's bc now we have a valid excuse to be kids again ourselves! Glad you had such a great Easter!

Gina said...

What a funny idea. Glad you had fun.

Amy said...

"First in, first out"... That's genius! I wouldn't have to buy 100 plastic eggs if I do that game in the future.

Grandma Hawk said...

What a good idea! I wish I'd have thought of that on saturday when we had our Egg hunt for the kids at the lodge

The Stark Bunch said...

Sounds like a fun game!