Friday, November 7, 2008

Our special Plan!

My daughter, here to be called "Rooster" and I had what she called a Special Plan. We were going to make a movie about the "Bad Big Wolf". I got my camera and we went to the kitchen table. Why the kitchen table you ask?? Well, this is Rooster's stage! She does alot of performing while sitting at the table, either waiting for dinner, eating dinner, or just hanging out there. In route to the table I realized the batteries in my camera were dead!! I told Rooster we were going to have to wait till I could get some new batteries. (I'm all about the rechargables, and I have about 50 of them, BUT do you think I can find my charger?? Umm that would be a big fat NO!!)

She replied in Wonder Pets style.... "This is serious, we need some batteries! Don't worry mommy, I will use my super awesome powers to find them! She then placed her "C" shaped hands up to her eyes and moved her head side to side, and up and down. I found them mommy, I saved the day!!
She ran over to me and handed me two crayons!

We never did get to make our "Bad Big Wolf" movie!
Though, we did make this cute little movie at snack time!!


Kelly said...

dang I was hoping to see a puppet show or something!

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

Yes, well, I like just seeing it..