Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Hunk!

Husband Tag, you're it!!

Where did you meet?
Salt Lake Community College. In the welding lab, I was the interpreter!

How long did you date before you were married?
14 months

How long have you been married?
4 years this coming April (29th)

What does he do that surprises you?
He packs my lunch for work, love notes included! He loves to sew, and watch chick flicks! The amount of love he has for me, and isn't afraid to show it!

What is his best feature?
All of them! I love his smile, eyes, and his John Travolta jaw! (you might not see it, but I DO!)

What is your favorite quality of his?
He is always ready to help someone in need. Will give the shirt off his back, and expect nothing in return! He is a champion chef! That kid can make mac and cheese gourmet!

Does he have a nickname for you?
Kimmie, he calls me babe sometimes. Mostly just Mommy!

What is his favorite food?
Smoked pork shoulder, or basically anything that walked on four legs! His pumpkin cheesecake!

What is his favorite sport?
Fishing, hunting, and baking (is that considered a sport?, let’s just say it is!)

When and where was your first kiss?
Dang! I'm sure it was like our 10th date! We were trying to remember that the other day and couldn't, oops. Must have been a good one ha ha!

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Our dinner and a movie dates. Also enjoy shooting pool and singing karaoke! Really any quiet time together even if it’s 2 minutes at bed time!

Do you have any children?
Three under 3! Yikes!

What are his hidden talents?
He has a very sweet teddy bear side! The best dad our children could ever ask for! He always finds the better deal!

Who said i love you first?
Me, but only because he was too chicken to! We fell in love at first sight! (gag, choke)

What is his favorite music?
He likes all music, but won’t go to or watch “musicals” (what's up with that?)
What do you admire about him?
His faith, and trust in the Lord. His willingness to do whatever it takes to make things better! His relationships with our children! I also admire him for the love he has for his family.

What is his favorite color?
Camo- or blue, and in his only if it's the right kind of green!

Will he read this?

Who do you tag?EVERYONE! It's fun to learn about people's spouses


Gina said...

That was fun to read. It sounds so fairy-tale! (wink)

Amber said...

Hey! Do you still use ur hotmail for email?? Yes, megan and Dave moved in November! Hello! lol!! Totally kidding...he transferred for work up to brigham city/perry area. they love it! Adorable home. Backyard is an elementary school! check out her blog! get it through mine.... i think it's under 'simple treasures'..... that activity i learned abt from our library. we try to go to storytime, but with 3 it's usually just go to the library, read three books each, pick one to bring home. :)

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

He MUST take after his mother! ;-)

zazu and mufassa said...

funny that you met your husband AT WORK! :)