Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take My Picture Again Mommy!!

My little monkeys love to have their picture taken. It's a good thing too cause I'm kind of a freak about it. Rarely do I go anywhere without my camera. Now, if I could just remember extra batteries!

I didn't take these pictures for any special reason. I thought Rooster looked cute, and wanted documentation for future goo goo gaa gaa-ing! Picture taking in my life goes a little something like this.

Smile for the camera baby!

Okay, cheeeeese!!

Thanks baby, that was a great picture!

Let me see Mommy! That is boo-tiful, your the best picture taker ever!

Thanks, your the best poser for my pictures!

Take my picture again Mommy!

This was soo much fun!! She got a glimpse of the gum in her mouth and wanted me to take pictures of it! She is such a goof! She must get it from her Dad, because I'm totally normal!!


Kelly said...

yeah, seriously, it must be kenny cause you are sooooooo normal!(throws head back and laughs)

Amber said...

I like your definition of 'normal'! I totally agree! LOL! Cute family! Love your blog!

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

yep, you are the normallll one....:-)

NannyP said...

I agree Rooster, you are BOO-TIFUL!! Mullet Boy agrees, he was giggling the whole time!