Monday, November 17, 2008

Dinner and a Show!

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? In deed it was! Hunk of burning love was fishing this weekend so I decided to venture to the movies. The scene was this…..Three babies and a mommy! My Mommy title doesn’t have the word Super in front of it, so I had to call for back up.

My Mommy! She is always busy so I was pleased to hear of her availability, desire to go, and the best bonus of all…she had free movie tickets!! I had made the right choice, and was proud! My nephew, here to be called “Boogie Boy” lives with my mom, so that added one more baby to the mix!

That makes two three year olds, one two year old, one eight week old, one awesome nanny, and a super mom in training.

We are off to the movies, when all of the sudden I hear a giant rumbling noise coming from my not so middle middle section. Dang it! I was hungry; I tried my best to calm the beast within. Then I hear a sweet innocent voice from the back seat say, “Momma, I hungee!! I hunggee!! I could deny myself food, but never my cute little Lunch Box, who had just eaten about an hour ago anyway!!

Change of plans I called out to my mom, turned out her and Boogie Boy were hungry too so we stopped for lunch. Lunch was great, the kids had a lot of fun coloring, singing the “A B B’s” songs, and pulling funny faces. We missed the movie!

Lucky for us, it's a popular movie with showing times every 25 minutes or so. We headed over to the theater, and as promised bought popcorn, soda and snacks for the kids, nanny and me.

That now makes two three year olds, one two year old, one eight week old, one awesome nanny, one super mom in training, three kid snack packs with popcorn, soda, and candy, one large popcorn, two large diet cokes, and three booster chairs!

It was quite the adventure I am here to tell you, I have never been more excited to sit down and fold my arms in my life!! We saw Madagascar 2, it was a great movie! The kids loved it, my mom and I survived it!
The question is…will I do it again? Jury’s out on that one too!!


james said...

my dad says he wants to cut that boys hair.

Amber said...

You are BRAVE!! Oh my i stopped going to movies when my first was born! My poor deprived girls haven't ever been to the movies! LOL!

Susan Sparrowhawk said...

How are

Teddi said...

You are a brave soul!! I have yet to venture out with all my 6 kids yet - my biggest outings include the 3 littlest but it's only to the store or somewhere quick and with a cart involved! KUDOS!

Misty said...

How cute are you? I love blogging! I'll never scrapbook again. Between blogging, facebook and e-mail I spend a little too much time online. :)