Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Toothbrush Power

Brushing time has always been a challenge in our home. I hear all kinds of belly aching like: Ouch that's too hard, the toothpaste is too hot, I'm too tired, and my favorite one... it gives me a tummy ache. Unless I wanted my children to look like they were from the back woods of West Virgina (where people have two teeth tops) something needed to change.

So, you can imagine the choir of angels that sang in the recesses of my mind when I found battery operated toothbrushes for like five bucks each! They're FANTASTIC! They each got their own little character Rooster got Spider Man (of course), LB got his new super hero, Iron Man, and Curly got Thomas the Train.
I had to literally pry the toothbrushes out of their hands! I think LB brushed his teeth like 50 times in one day and I'm NOT exaggerating!! No more dreams of toothless hillbilly children running around town dating their cousins for me! Thank you Oral B!