Saturday, January 22, 2011

Field Trip

LB's preschool had "P" week, they learned about penguins. What better way than to SEE one in real life! His class took a field trip to the living aquarium, and we decided to make a family day out of it! The boys sized themselves up!

Here's Curly looking at the penguins.
Say Cheese!!
Or pull faces, whatever works for you...
That was better, maybe next time he'll look at the camera! Hey, a girl can dream.
Next was the stingrays. The kids couldn't believe that they could actually TOUCH them. LB kept asking "Are you sure they won't bite me?" I tried to convince him they wouldn't bite but he wasn't having it.
Curly and Rooster couldn't get enough of touching those slimy creatures. I had one brush by my fingers, and I almost screamed!! Of course I didn't though, I kept it together like the "big tough Momma" I am! It was tons of fun!

Fishies, and sharks, and turtles.... Oh my!

At the end of the day LB was crying! He didn't want to go home. He wants to live at the aquarium! "Don't worry Mommy, you won't miss me cause you can take a field trip and come to visit me! I'll be with the penguins or the giant spider!"


Amber said...

the aquarium is so fun!! But, hill billie toothless children dating their cousins?!?!?! LMAO!!! Love it! I got one of those for Addie for Christmas and she too brushes her teeth at least 10 times a day! LOVE IT!

Aritha said...

Hi There,

We were in Sea World Orlando in November 2009 and we also touched the stingrays. Did you touch them? It was pretty cool! :-)

Love your blogs! So I'm following you now!