Sunday, December 5, 2010

Get Daddy!!

I love these moments. When the monkies are happy, and getting along with each other. No crying, no screaming, no tattle telling, and no whining!

We are all sitting around watching a show, when I begin to notice some quiet communication going on between Rooster and LB. They start with eye contact bewteen the two of them, then some head nods, followed up with eye gazing toward Hunk. Then all of the sudden they yell "GET DADDY!!!"
Three against one doesn't seem fair, unless it's children against Daddy! I almost peed my pants, it was hilarious.....They took turns farting in his face, and at one moment Hunk looked up at me with a green face and said " I could taste that one." ha ha ha ha


annie said...

That is gross...but so funny at the same time