Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day, is a wonderful day, isn't it?

I had a great one this year! I was able to sleep in until about TEN am!! Woah!! I felt like I was going to have a headache from "over sleeping"! LB and Hunk woke me up with smiles as wide as the Mississippi River! Shortly after that I was served TWO fried eggs on a plate, by my Little LB. Rooster spent the night with her Nanny, so she wasn't home. LB kept saying "Happy mother's day, it's your day Mommy!"

I love him! I love all my monkies, and Hunk! I got a beautilful patio swing! I love it!


Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day indeed. My first thought was, "Holy cow, is that photo your house and yard?" Happy day indeed! haha. I'm glad you got to sleep in. No better gift, I say!

zazu and mufassa said...

Love your swing. I want one!