Monday, April 12, 2010


Today we had our meeting with Granite School District. I was really looking forward to getting LB signed up for their "Special Ed" preschool! Something good for him in a range we can afford.

We spent about THREE HOURS filling out one questionnaire after another! They did some of their own tests on him. They validated the fact that he is on the clinical level for everything. Adaptation, anxiety, depression, and others. He was no where near "average". They weren't telling us anything we didn't already know. I mean we have had more than one opinion on the matter!

In the end, we were told that his diagnosis of Autism although valid would not "HINDER" his education! He was not eligable for thier preschool! I almost lost it right there!! I mean HELLO!! They just got done telling us that he was at clinical level! BUT he is so smart!!

He wasn't "autistic enough"!!! He freaks when anything is out of his "normal", he doesn't play with other kids, he lines all his toys up, walks on his tippy toes ALL THE TIME, and, and , and....
He's just too smart! Therefore I am back at square one! And pissed as hell!

I guess I should clarify....I AM very happy that my little man as one less thing to contend with as he is growing...but come on!! The kid needs to catch a break! I need to catch a break, before I have a break down!


Granny Hawk said...

Debi will be writing to you...her grandson Noah went through the same thing...i will pray a bit harder for my darling grandson..

Amy said...

Kimm!!! Keep looking! Keep fighting! A door will open, I'm sure of it!