Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boy or Girl?

Tonight my "mother of the year" self took the kids to Arctic Circle for dinner. Can I just say I love that place? I spent a lot of years of my life there, and I'm not talking about going for meals! I was an assistant manager for years, and LOVED it!

Anyway, my little monkeys have been on this kick lately. For some odd reason they want to know the names of everyone we see! So, I have been saying "Hey, what's your name?" A LOT lately. Tonight as we pulled up to the window a tall skinny "boy" welcomed us with a smile and said "hi, that's $14.27." I could see the wheels in Rooster's head turning. I was praying not to hear what I heard next. "Mommy, is that a boy or a girl?" The person at the window handed my mom her change and we locked eyes. It was as if the person was waiting to hear my answer! I smiled and said thank you.

Rooster then says, "that was weird Mommy, "it" looked like a boy, but the voice sounded like a girl." Was "it" a boy or a girl? I was trying to think of another subject to talk about, but NOTHING was coming!! "Well, I don't know sweetie." Was all I could muster.

Suddenly Rooster was confident! She had figured it out, and shouted I know! It's a he and a she!


Lacey and Tyler Voris said...

love it!!!

Amy said...

hahahaha! I LOVE your daughter!

Amber said...

Awesome! Hahahahhahhahahaa!!!!!

Rhonda said...

I love that we get to hear about this stuff. She's so funny!

Katie said...

That is great!!!